• What you’ll do

In a few words…

As the name rightly suggests, in this role your analytical qualities will play a central role. For instance, you will assist in interpreting pharmaceutical manufacturer rebates contracts (to include all aspects of the contract), formulary compliance, system capabilities, billing, reconciliation, and allocation of payments for ASES and Medicare and Commercial clients. You will provide support to the Drug Pricing Analyst in monitoring margin revenue, and in establishing performance objectives for revenue maximization for clients and the PBM. You will also play an essential role across the life cycle of Analytics projects, from analyzing business requirements to developing, testing, deploying, training, and supporting users on analytics solutions that meet those requirements. Some other duties include performing data validation to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of the information provided. You will be integral in delivering valuable Information through intelligence and informatics, providing direct support to diverse internal departments.

The fundamentals for the job…

- You will translate requirements into Russian. Just kidding: you’ll translate requirements into reporting deliverables.

- You will regularly examine and evaluate purpose and content of business reports in order to recommend new or modified reporting methods (to advance existing formats) and procedures so as to improve contents and completeness of information.

- Carry out (only, no delivery) Reporting/Querying testing and development.

- You’ll impress us by creating custom reporting software, and also produce and analyze reports, while sharing findings with end users

- Perform analysis of healthcare claims data to assess trend performance, and investigate potential operational and clinical opportunities.

- You will collaborate closely in all facets of project stakeholders (business analysts, business SMEs, and all levels of clients) in developing key Decision Support initiatives.

- Because you are a whiz, you will develop proper processes for data collection, data mining, data standardization and analytics; initiate data management and identify proper use of analytics tools.

- You’ll work in a collaborative environment with a wide variety of developers and analysts. In this environment, you’ll seek to inspire and bring out the best in your colleagues.

- You will combine business knowledge and technical expertise to assist customers and evaluate or address business issues through data.

- You will team up with BI team to define and support functional and/or architectural requirements of information delivery: you will participate in the planning, design, and creation of both standard and makeshift reports, Dashboards and Scorecards.

- You’ll help assure the integrity of project data, including data extraction, storage, manipulation, processing and analysis.

- You will also verify the completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of data warehouse information.

- You will work with business owners and technical resources to identify and address data quality issues when they arise.

- You will provide production support to end users in a timely fashion.

- You will work hand in hand with BI team to determine appropriate data warehouse architecture and data modeling designs in order to maximize benefits.

- We realize all of the above makes for a tall order, but you being you, there’s room for more: if you could include a great sense of humor, that’d be wonderful.

  • What you’re made of

The bold requirements…

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Business, Statistical Analysis, Healthcare Management or a closely related field. Master’s degree preferred. (In lieu of a degree, equivalent relevant work experience may be considered.)
  • 2+ years of related experience with SDLC and QA (preferred), and 1+ years of experience in an information analysis role & various forms of report deliverables.
  • Each that you have from the following list will place you a step ahead:
  • At a minimum, you’re proficient in one of the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack tools: relational SQL engine, Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and/or MS Excel PowerPivot.
  • Computer proficient? Yes you are, and you know how to use Microsoft Office products (particularly Excel at a minimum intermediate user level), plus you have plenty of Internet experience (these are the basic digital skills you’ll use on a daily basis).
  • You can communicate effectively (read, write, speak, count, argue, counter argue, counsel, admonish, etc.) in English and Spanish.
  • Knowledge of the Healthcare, Pharmacy, and Pharmacy Benefit Management operations standards and processes
  • Familiarity with Medicare Part D, and CMS regulations
  • Expertise with quality assurance practices and tools
  • Experience with development of KPIs, dashboards and departmental scorecards
  • Working knowledge of Data Warehouse methodologies, including relational and dimensional modeling, SQL querying, data profiling, and ETL design and development
  • Working knowledge of healthcare utilization reporting, claims, membership, provider data, and standard Healthcare metrics
  • Ability to analyze large data sets and use of dashboard/business intelligence tools (Tableau, QVW, Excel, Microsoft BI, Qlikview) for designing, reporting and delivering analytical solutions
  • We’d love it if you brought training and experience in testing methodologies.
  • You possess strong organizational and analytical skills (required), are a great troubleshooter, and can identify and resolve root causes; you’re a detail-oriented problem-solver, able to quickly spot trends and discrepancies. You’re a natural at interpersonal communications.
  • You think critically, have a head for innovation, show willingness to learn new technology, are supremely accountable, and feel at ease in a team (although you can work either independently or in a group). You desire to be challenged and shine in a fast-paced, changing environment.

That something extra we´d love to see…

  • Analytical: You have deep analytical abilities and value context. You get the present by analyzing (or over-analyzing) events leading up to it.
  • Influencer: Born to persuade. At ease managing prospects, you know how and when to push others.
  • Planner: You enjoy discipline, routine and structure. You take serious care in making decisions and can anticipate obstacles.
  • Communicator: You find it easy to put thoughts into words. You are good presenter who can explain complicated processes in simple terms.
  • Master Cross-Collaborator: Able to work across multiple departments, businesses and personnel. You can apparently be in two places at once.

The above description is not intended to limit the scope of the job or to exclude other duties not mentioned. It is absolutely not a final set of specifications for the position. It’s simply meant to give readers an idea of what the role entails.