What you’ll do

In a few words…

You will be responsible for all PR business development opportunities from beginning to end. Except we don’t want anything to actually “end” so, from beginning up to when it’s time for the next phase to take over.

You’ll be the person who, if there is no entrance to a suspected gold mine, will be in charge of gathering the gunpowder, lighting the fuse, while also handing out earplugs to those watching you do your magic.

But wait! There’s more: you’ll be in charge of building solid relationships with brokers, large employers (regular-sized too), HR divisions, current and potential health plan clients. For Government clients, you will leverage our Government and Industry Partnerships Team for relationship building, fostering and seeking opportunities.

You will need to be crafty (but not sneaky, you should be trustworthy and a stand-up kind of cool creature), up to speed with, well, relevant things applicable in the market (trends, opportunities). But don’t worry, you won’t be bored because you’ll also get to support current clients with their growth strategy (think RFP strategy and responses, demos, presentations, and music videos if they so wish, you’ll be a growth genie) in partnership with our Underwriting Team and the Business Development Committee. In the case of any government clients, with the support of our Government and Industry Partnerships Team as well.

You will be responsible from the beginning of the process up to the release of the client to the Abarca implementation team (if the prospect materializes which, you being you, it most likely will).

You’ll need to be chummy with our clients and potential clients´ sales counterparts. Oh, and you must be experienced in the healthcare field and be knowledgeable and interested in strategizing from the ground up in terms of how to address this market.

The fundamentals for the job…

 Obviously, you’ll need to dominate Abarca’s array of services and the market’s breaks for providing those services.

 Understand market forces, direction and underwriting efforts

 You’ll actively rule over all PR opportunities (actual as well as potential client prospects). Think of it: you will rule over and even overrule.

 Associate with Sales counterparts in PR, including current clients, and assist them in competitive processes or sales initiatives in which PBM support is needed.

 Beginning to end accountability of potential PR opportunities: RFP receipt, coordination with Abarca areas, responses (including the Underwriting Team), presentations, etc. It’s your butt on the line when it comes to mining those valuable PR breaks!

 Build solid market relationships with brokers, current and potential clients, and everyone else as well.

 Support US market sales initiatives, as needed. And you can count on being needed.

What you’re made of

The bold requirements…

 Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Relations, or related field. (In lieu of a degree, equivalent relevant experience may be considered.)

 Healthcare knowledge and experience get you in the door (insurance preferred), 8 years minimum.

 It goes without saying that you are a people person with an inherent customer service focus. Your skills at analytical, strategic and critical thinking are legendary.

 You bring a spirit of Innovation and, indubitably, a sense of accountability.

 A talent for problem-solving, organization and planning work wonders.

 Excellent presentation skills! Your attention to detail is supernatural.

 Sales Experience (sales is synonymous with PR, is it not?)

 The business force is strong with you. Yes. You possess the acumen for business.

 You are PR-based and your base is made of PR.

 Your most outstanding talent? You’re the best when it comes to building relationships. You’re definitely relationship material.

 Computer proficiency, knowledge of Microsoft Office products, and Internet experience. (The daily digital basics.)

 You are able to communicate effectively (read, speak, write, exchange pleasantries, small talk and beyond) in English and Spanish.

That something extra we´d love to see…

1. Communicator: Communicators find it easy to express their feelings and thoughts in words. Every now and then they slip into a monologue, but are easily forgiven for their excess because they are interesting and clever conversationalists.

2. Problem Solver: You like to provide comprehensive solutions, keeping in mind both internal and external needs. You keep with the mantra of always being part of the solution (not the precipitate). Those who precipitate, you’ve learned, repent at leisure.

3. Detailed: Nothing gets by you and you rarely forget a thing (or anyone). When learning some new procedure, you’re the type to take notes. While everyone is still lost, you’re already on the next steps. Others count on this skill of yours.

4. Confident: Natural at conveying value and knows how to stand their ground during the most heated debates.

5. People Person: You are interested in others, enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over. You feel rewarded just from breaking the ice and making a connection with another. You probably would excel as a diplomat.

6. Analytical: You master the ability to examine and solve difficult problems through practical and logical reasoning.

The above description is not intended to limit the scope of the job or to exclude other duties not mentioned. It is absolutely not a final set of specifications for the position. It’s simply meant to give readers an idea of what the role entails.