• What you’ll do

In a few words…

As our Clinical Specialist you’ll be in a dynamic position that requires understanding and knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences. In this position you will work directly with patients, pharmacies and providers to address patient’s non-compliance with medications and will help them develop strategies to overcome barriers for adherence. You may assist licensed pharmacists on several types of projects developed with the goal of optimizing the use of medication and promoting health, wellness, and disease prevention among our clients’ beneficiaries.

The fundamentals for the job…

  • In this role you will be responsible for inbound and outbound patient phone calls, prescription refill reminders calls, documentation of patient interaction, and facilitation of patient to pharmacist/case managers consultations, if necessary.
  • Provides excellent customer service to all interactions.
  • Monitors adherence/persistence of medications, evaluate adverse reactions, reasons for non-compliance, and refer patients to clinical pharmacist/case managers as needed.
  • Acts as liaison between patients, pharmacy and/or provider’s offices via phone, fax or e-mail communications.
  • Communicates to patients for prescription refills and refers any medication or illness-related questions/concerns to licensed healthcare professionals; including but not limited to: pharmacists, health educators, case managers or supervised pharmacy interns.
  • Notifies appropriate staff of relevant clinical information gathered during calls to provider or patient that affect a patient’s disease state or adherence to medication.
  • Provide timely response to patient’s inquiries by phone and/or email in an inbound or outbound manner, consistent with service/quality standards.
  • Creates patient activities as a reminder for tasks including, but not limited to, follow-up calls to patients, pharmacies or providers, and referrals to Case Management.
  • You will assist Pharmacists on Clinical projects and tasks related to medication use.
  • Promote medication safety and compliance.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • What you’re made of

The bold requirements…

  • Pharmacy Technician Associate Degree; Current/Active Certified Pharmacy Technician License preferred.
  • Knowledge of PBM clinical operations and Medicare Part D preferred.
  • Previous experience in insurance, pharmacy, and / or healthcare preferred. Experience working in a community or chain pharmacy performing dispensing-related activities is highly preferred.
  • You are detail oriented, with great organizational skills. You are awesome when analytical or critical thinking is required.
  • Computer proficiency, knowledge of Microsoft Office products, and Internet experience (just the basics, digitally speaking).
  • You have superior interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • You must be able to communicate effectively (read, write, speak, daydream, bicker, praise and joke, etc.) in English and Spanish.

That something extra we´d love to see…

  1. Empathic: You are bound to inclusiveness and acceptance of others. You know how to connect and communicate with very different audiences, and are aware of those who feel left out, trying your best to include them.
  2. Responsible: You own what you say and you are what you do. Your word is your bond; when you commit to something, you show up. You live by established values like honesty and loyalty (although sometimes you can be a bit sanctimonious and righteous).
  3. Motivator: You make the max out of anything and focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. You seek to transform something strong into something superb. You say things like “the sky’s the limit” and “the impossible just takes a little bit longer”.
  4. Fixer / Solution seeker: You are like an action figure brought to life: you never give up, even when it’s obvious you are barking up the wrong tree. You like to provide comprehensive solutions, considering both, internal and external needs; your mantra is to always be part of the solution (not the precipitate). Those who precipitate, you’ve learned, repent at leisure.