• What you’ll do

In a few words…

The Academic Detailing Specialist, a.k.a. “you”, will engage in one-on-one educational outreach visits with prescribers and key people within medical practice groups to deliver and discuss objective, balanced, evidence-based information on best practices and key clinical initiatives to optimize clinical care. This information is always tailored to each prescriber/medical practice group’s needs and is delivered regularly, at a time and location that is convenient for them. As an academic detailer you will provide key information based on a strategically developed curriculum to prescribers and medical practice groups via in-person one-on-one visits. You will use your excellent interpersonal and communication skills to build professional relationships and facilitate effective discussions regarding best evidence and clinical practice initiatives.

The fundamentals for the job…

  • You will conduct regular face-to-face educational outreach visits with prescribers/ medical practice groups around the island to discuss clinical topics such as: current evidence on best clinical prescribing practices, clinical quality, safety, and pharmacy trend management initiatives. Trend management will include appropriate promotion of generic and formulary prescribing and support of client and Abarca’s strategic goals.
  • You will be available to do one-on-one consultations, either in-person, telephone or through emails, with prescribers and medical practice groups across the island, as requested by either client, Abarca, or prescribers/medical practice groups.
  • You will serve as a liaison between client/Abarca’s clinical department and prescribers and medical practice groups.
  • You will collaborate with the Clinical Services Pharmacists and the Medical Epidemiologist communicating all relevant information gathered during your outreach visits with prescribers/ medical practice groups to modify, improve, or adjust clinical initiatives.
  • You will assist in the development of clinical scorecards and reports for key clinical initiatives to identify members in greatest need of specific clinical interventions and will discuss these initiatives with prescribers and/or medical practice groups.
  • You will support additional programs such as but not limited to supporting the clinical outreach center, MTM visits and clinical projects within the Clinical Services Department.
  • Other projects and duties as assigned.
  • What you’re made of

The bold requirements…

  • Bachelor’s degree and a current, active and unrestricted Registered Nurse (RN) License.
  • Minimum of 3 years of clinical experience is preferred. Experience as an academic detailer, medical representative, clinical facilitator, or other role involving the discussion of key medical data with healthcare professionals is preferred.
  • Knowledge of PBM clinical operations, Medicaid and Medicare Part D preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (including presentation skills). A solid knowledge of pharmacotherapy and clinical evidence appraisal.
  • Computer proficiency (of course this is a must), knowledge of Microsoft Office products (you can at least stand your ground while using them), and Internet experience (who doesn’t know how to use the Internet expertly these days? Well, whoever they are, you don’t fall within their ranks).
  • Professional presence and business acumen to effectively manage clients, prospects, partners, and vendors, with excellent interpersonal skills, and ability to work well with all levels of internal management and staff, as well as outside clients and vendors.
  • Attention to detail and a customer service focus.
  • Results-oriented with the ability to change priorities as needed, and with excellent organizational and time management skills (to prioritize workloads and meet time sensitive deadlines required).
  • You can communicate effectively (read, write, speak, daydream, chatter, argue, flatter, retort wittily etc.) in both Spanish and English.
  • Access to reliable personal vehicle and willingness to travel through the island.

That something extra we´d love to see…

  1. Persuasive: You have a way about you… a way that gets your way, but in a good way. Often impatient, you turn thought into action and make things happen by swaying others… a fantastic snake charmer.
  2. Negotiator: You navigate difficult conversations towards productive outcomes. You are driven to achieve the elusive win-win. You have a certain aplomb that can take control of a situation and make decisions. You must not get over your skis and exercise sound business judgment to achieve proper balance between client wins (vanity) and our profitability (sanity).
  3. Organized: You can adapt to a highly changing environment and a heavy caseload because you are strong in the Organization area, and you enjoy order. Disorder is like constant noise to you, and you can’t stand it.
  4. Detailed: Nothing gets by you and you rarely forget a thing. When learning some new procedure, you’re the type to take notes. When everyone else is still lost, you’re already at the next steps. Others count on this skill of yours. Maybe due to your detailed nature, you are also exquisitely good at planning. You like to make plans and follow through, meticulously.
  5. Fixer / Problem solver: You like to provide comprehensive solutions, keeping in mind both internal and external needs. You keep with the mantra of always being part of the solution (not the precipitate). Those who precipitate, you’ve learned, repent at leisure.
  6. Analytical: You value the power of context & enjoy examining the past. You get the present by analyzing (sometimes over-analyzing) events leading up to it. This methodology is super helpful, but can provoke analysis-fatigue in those within earshot. Good thing you’re aware of this.
  7. Structured: You are an organizer with flexibility who likes to figure out how all of the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity. You often think in blocks, like Lego and Tetris.
  8. Responsible: You own what you say, and you are what you do. Your word is your bond; when you commit to something, you show up. You live by established values like honesty and loyalty (although sometimes you can be a bit sanctimonious and righteous).