What you’ll do in a few words…

As the Lead Underwriter Analyst (UnderLead), you’ll rule with a silk hand (silk, as you know, is the strongest material on Earth). Your reigning style will display your classic design: poetry, marble gargoyles, magic math equations, summer school, dog-eared paperbacks, among other fine fragments that underscore your authenticity. You exemplify the great If:

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming you, if you can trust yourself when all doubt you…” then we’ve no doubt we’d like to meet you!

You will lead underwriting efforts and—no surprise—this role requires strong analytic skills, experience using analytic tools, and a Mel’s Hole type of understanding (i.e., deep) of profitability drivers in the PBM business (rebates and pharmacy pricing). We’ll expect you to bring out the pro in you: work proactively, promptly, and probably without supervision for the most part. What’s the rush, you ask? The rush is that there’s a time crunch in underwriting! We must submit pricing proposals to prospective clients by a set deadline while creating a standard, replicable processes that allow us to quickly generate proposals that meet client expectations by the deadline. So it’s not necessarily as much about working quickly (which is important…) but as working quickly and smart. Furthermore, you should be as organized as a military bake sale and always as detailed as a corgi (get it? de-tailed? no tail?... never mind). When all is said and done, you’ll have another underwriter analyst under you (no, not literally)– which means you should be good and ready for a management role, even if you don’t have prior management experience. Every management success story needs to start somewhere, and this could be your time to walk the plank. In a good way.

The fundamentals for the job…

 You will lead (and love) the underwriting process (but there is nothing “under” about it, except the need to understand loads of data that no one else can undertake) and have a blast analyzing potential client guarantees and Abarca’s margin for prospective clients.

 You will do a great job supervising and mentoring your underwriting analyst which will help you develop management skills.

 You will prepare pricing proposals for prospective and existing Abarca clients and present them to the leadership team. (Relax, they’ve never bitten anyone… yet).

 Another thing we really really need is for you to develop performance-guarantee dashboards and monitor client performance in relation to pricing guarantees

 We’ll be counting on you to identify financial risks to Abarca and our clients and detail plans to mitigate adverse financial impact. This can be your time to shine like a crazy diamond.

 You will partake of decisions regarding pharmacy network contracting and generic pricing strategy to ensure it all aligns with underwriting strategy.

 You’ll model rebate and network performance for prospective clients.

 What you’re made of

The bold requirements…

 Bachelor’s degree in an analytic field (e.g. engineering, economics, math, statistics) and 3 years professional analytic experience (e.g. in banking, consulting, etc.) OR bachelor’s degree + 5 years of professional analytic experience. (In lieu of a degree, equivalent relevant experience may be considered.)

 You are an undisputed Master of Microsoft Excel- you don’t need to tell us: we know you have used Excel to create complex analytic models.

 The force is strong in you with SQL abilities. Very strong.

 Tableau and Qlikview experience would also be nice.

 You’ll pass an analytic assessment test. We’re not saying you “must”: we know you’ll pass.

 Do we even need to mention you’re fierce when it comes to critical thinking? You simply need to seek out problems in data, propose potential solutions, and so on and so forth. Data nerd and proud.

 You are, indubitably, a self-starter. You were probably born 2 months early weighing 8 pounds and asking to see your chart.

 As stated, you are as organized as a bunch of Marines having a bake sale for their next ball (“But” one Marine says, confused, “Marines don’t have any… ohhhhhh, that’s clever”).

 You are a natural at delegating tasks to the underwriting analyst and the “coach analyst” (you will provide guidance and lead away).

 If you have previous underwriting experience, guess what? That would be a big fat plus.

 Healthcare/PBM experience would also add some cool glittery confetti

 So you’re experienced presenting to senior leadership? Be still our beating hearts!

 Process improvement experience? Hold on, you must want us to fall in love.

 It would be awesome if you had prior experience leading projects or managing direct reports.

 It goes without saying you are computer proficient, with knowledge of Microsoft Office products, and have plenty of Internet experience.

 You are able to communicate effectively (read, speak, write, exchange pleasantries, small talk and beyond) in English and Spanish.

That something extra we´d love to see…

1. Analytical: You have to be. It’s in your job title! You value the power of context & enjoy examining the past. You get the present by over-analyzing events leading up to it. Also, as explained by someone, somewhere, analysis comes from the root word “anal” and the greek word “ysis”, meaning "to pull facts and numbers from."

2. Curious: You are the “wanna-know” type, characterized by ever-inquiring intellectual activity. Your inquisitiveness is bottomless and packed with all manner of (usually) empirical knowledge. You boldly go where you don’t recall you’ve gone before. Invaluable to your less-imaginative counterparts as inspiration and entertainment.

3. Driven: You bring an extremely competitive nature and can manage multiple priorities without missing deadlines. You measure yourself against everything, everyone, animal, vegetable, mineral and beyond. You strive to win first place in everything. Nevertheless, your type of obsessive mindset, if properly harnessed, is a goldmine.

4. Logical: You are relentless in the search for reasons, causes and effects. Unencumbered by excessive sentimentality, you are able to think about all the factors that might affect a situation, which would be a great trait if you were a politician. However, as a logistician you enjoy your intellect for your own purposes and don’t care for questionable games.

5. Master cross-collaborator: You are able to work across multiple departments, businesses and personnel. You can also apparently be in two places at once.

The above description is not intended to limit the scope of the job or to exclude other duties not mentioned. It is absolutely not a final set of specifications for the position. It’s simply meant to give readers an idea of what the role entails.