• What you’ll do

In a few words…

When you take on the title of Business Intelligence Specialist, you become responsible for understanding business purposes, questions, and problems. Being the type of hands-on dynamo that you are, the next task on your list is to obtain and present data which addresses the issues from a Business Intelligence standpoint. Additionally, as a BI Specialist, you will play a key role across the full lifecycle of Business Intelligence projects, from analyzing requirements (what users need, for instance) up to designing, developing, testing, deploying, training, and supporting users on BI solutions that are supposed to meet those requirements. You’ll also be involved in the ETL process (Extract, Transform and Load) of delivering information assets to back up BI, and do some reporting to provide support to biz decisions. Some other things on your list will include analyzing data to provide insights and recommendations for business decisions, and performing data validation to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of analytic models. In this demanding role, you will use BI best practice techniques and rules, applying them in the current Enterprise Data Warehouse.

The fundamentals for the job…

  • In this role you shall analyze business information requirements and determine business transformation rules (analyze to revolutionize!).
  • Map business needs to subject area model to logical enterprise model (who would even consider an illogical enterprise model?).
  • Determine the optimal approach to get data from diverse system platform sources and move it to the BI approach/structure (Catch & Attach).
  • Use techniques and tools (and never suffer fools) to come up with data results, such as basic queries, data mining and multidimensional analysis. (And we are still barely scratching the surface of your powers.)
  • Create, publish and maintain reports using the Operational Data Store (ODS) and the data warehouse/datamarts.
  • Develop new reports, dashboards and ad-hoc requests (you will reside in Data country from the get go).
  • Apply diverse techniques/tools ranging from basic queries up to multidimensional analyses to extract the maximum amount of valid content out of the data (you will become the house Data expert, shaking a data tree down to the branches in a jiffy!)
  • Collaborate closely with stakeholders on all aspects of the projects, like developing key decisions to support initiatives.
  • Deliver information and analytic solutions to key stakeholders, including members of the various business units, internal/external providers and internal staff.
  • Develop training materials including user guides to educate users on warehousing capabilities, among others.
  • What you’re made of

The bold requirements…

  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree (preferred) in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related field, and 2+ years of experience in Business Intelligence (preferred).
  • You are familiarized with healthcare utilization reporting, claims, membership, provider data, and standard Healthcare metrics (basically done with the “baby steps” phase and can find your way around the field).
  • You can communicate effectively (read, speak, write, argue, dream, even bark if possible) in English and Spanish.
  • You are computer proficient and knowledgeable in business intelligence tools (for example: Cognos, Microsoft BI, Business Objects, MicroStrategy); you have no issues when it comes to designing, reporting and delivering analytical solutions; same thing with data management and warehousing, and strategic use of information.
  • Expert level in SQL Server, Database Design, T-SQL and Stored Procedures;
  • Expert level in Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Experience with Tableau and web development (ASP.NET, VB or C#) preferred.
  • You are at your best when performing analytical, critical and strategic thinking and planning (your brain doesn’t work as well, otherwise) and when showing off your problem-solving skills.
  • You are innovative and known to be accountable.
  • You find yourself at your leisure with Software Development and Project Management, while Debugging is more of a side hobby.
  • Your presentation skills are unmatched.
  • Mentioning you know how to pay attention to the details (and to the details within the details) is practically unnecessary.
  • Your focus on customer service makes the rest look unfocused.
  • And you adapt in a snap!

That something extra we’d love to see…

  1. 1. Collaborator: You're a collaborator through and through, ever on a quest to find (or generate) harmony and consensus. You don’t enjoy conflict, preferring to seek areas of mutual agreement. You inherently understand that a good deal is, essentially, when everyone walks away a tiny bit peeved.
  2. 2. Innovator: People like you are the birth parents of unexpected ideas, with a factory of genius that doesn’t run out. Fascinated with possibilities you are, in turn, a fascinating creature yourself. You either plainly see or otherwise figure out the connections between seemingly disparate phenomena (à la A beautiful mind).
  3. 3. Passionate: You boast a perfectly energetic engine at work, always putting your passion to good use; whether you sell or not, you are a great salesperson. The record shows you can sell a lighter to the Devil.
  4. 4. Producer: You belong to a group of positive movers and shakers, with a level of enthusiasm that is either contagious or downright aggravating. Born to make things happen, generally optimistic, you can get others excited about doing what needs to be done.
  5. 5. Self-sufficient: You’re an independent worker who also helps the team continuously improve. It’s impossible to buy a present for your kind.

The above description is not intended to limit the scope of the job or to exclude other duties not mentioned. It is absolutely not a final set of specifications for the position. It’s simply meant to give readers an idea of what the role entails.