• What you’ll do

In a few words…

As our Analyst you’ll be looked to for answers and prompt solutions, guaranteeing high quality continues to distinguish our technological platforms. You will be responsible for performing tests and monitoring activities as part of projects, new client implementations and/or new functional requirements implementations, ensuring the quality of the systems and processes that support the company’s operation (you’ll get used to your role as savior, but do stay humble). You will be tasked with understanding business requirements and technical specifications, identifying and defining testing scenarios, and creating, executing and documenting test cases/scripts conducted to existing functionalities, as well as to new features and/or fixes deployed to our systems. As Solutions Quality Analyst you are responsible that new business requirements and new client implementations are developed/configured on our systems as intended by the business stakeholder. You will work with other key functional areas to ensure the quality and integrity of business requirements testing and monitoring efforts. You will make recommendations for corrective action, and process/system improvement based on testing and monitoring results. You’ll need a deep knowledge of both the technical and operational sides of the business.

The fundamentals for the job…

* Perform testing and monitoring activities to ensure the quality of the systems and processes supporting the company’s operation.

* Develop, document, and execute test plans, and test cases and/or scripts based on functional requirements.

* Analyze, document, and report on test results to business stakeholders and company leads.

* Document and track issues identified during testing activities to ensure defect resolution and testing completion. (Take note that “documenting” is a constant.)

* Contribute to the business requirement gathering process by identifying missing requirements based on test-cases development and testing experience (an awkward sentence, alright; just read it out loud and keep moving, there’s work to be done!).

* Collaborate in the development of new ideas and requirements to resolve testing and system’s issues, and improve current systems based on testing results.

* Collaborate with the development and improvement of testing strategies, techniques, procedures, and tools.

* ASSIST the development of policies and procedures related to testing and quality activities.

* Participate on projects and new client implementations to gather understanding on new system functionalities and requirements that will require testing and/or monitoring.

* Understand and document system logics and/or processes (if the logic escapes you, something needs attention).

* Create and conduct training on system logics and/or processes.

* Team up to support users during issue-solving activities, new business requirements gathering, and day-to-day system operation.

* Collaborate interdepartmentally with key areas within the organization.

* Participate in the Change Advisory Committee Meetings to coordinate testing and special monitoring schedules and plans when new functionalities are implemented.

* Help out in the development, tracking and reporting of key quality metrics to monitor testing efforts and results.

* Be knowledgeable and approachable in your role of quality caretaker so you can also be a gateway to innovation.

  • What you’re made of

The bold requirements…

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Engineering, Healthcare or related field. Advanced education, a plus but not required. (In lieu of a degree, equivalent relevant work experience may be considered.)
  • 2+ years of experience in a health plan, PBM setting. 2+ years of related experience with SDLC and QA is preferred.
  • Knowledge of any or all of the following is a big, fat plus: Healthcare, Pharmacy, and Pharmacy Benefit Management industries, Pharmacy Benefit operational standards and processes, Medicare Part D, and CMS regulations.
  • Knowledge of quality assurance practices and tools is another plus.
  • Ability to analyze large data sets. Able to use dashboard tools, e.g. Tableau, QVW and Excel tools.
  • You are a detail-oriented problem-solver, able to quickly spot trends and discrepancies. You are also a strong analytical and critical thinker, innovative, accountable, a team worker with a desire to be challenged, and know how to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Training and experience in testing methodologies preferred, with good troubleshooting skills, and the ability to identify and resolve root causes.
  • A knack for communication and interpersonal dealings; organizational and time management skills, plus you excel in your customer service focus.
  • You’re easygoing, open to new ideas and definitely down to earth. One of us.
  • Computer proficiency, knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Excel at a minimum intermediate user level), and Internet experience (basic digital skills you’ll use on a daily basis).
  • You can communicate effectively (read, write, speak, dream, daydream, argue, flatter, etc.) in English and Spanish.

That something extra we´d love to see…

  • Assertive: You are self-possessed and trust your ability to run things correctly. An inner compass guides you and fills you with the feeling you are making the right decisions. You stand out as a confident, which some see as thinking very highly of yourself. You’ll be the first to agree with them.
  • Driven: You know how to juggle/manage multiple priorities without missing deadlines. You measure yourself against everyone, and strive to win first place in everything.
  • Influencer: You are a born persuader. At ease managing prospects, you know how and when to push collaborators and followers.
  • Solution seeker: You are an action figure brought to life; you don’t give up easily, even when it’s obvious you’re barking up the wrong tree.
  • Team Player: You are detail-oriented to the Nth degree, but you also manage to see the big picture. A “relatable” individual who gets a deep satisfaction from working hard with others to achieve any goal.

The above description is not intended to limit the scope of the job or to exclude other duties not mentioned. It is absolutely not a final set of specifications for the position. It’s simply meant to give readers an idea of what the role entails.